Angie Robert

Annual Giving: A Foundation for Institutional Support

Angie Robert (‘03) knew she would one day be part of a giving culture at her alma mater. As a student working in the SDSU Alumni office, she learned how small annual donations starting after graduation and increasing through the years add up to significant contributions to student success. Over the years, she has given to a diverse group of initiatives all of which create opportunities for students to succeed. Today, Angie remains a consistent donor, giving a little more each year and knowing her gifts make a difference.


Armando Chavez

Micro Giving: A Strong Philanthropic Model

For Armando Chavez (‘17), contributing to an SDSU Crowdfunding project is rewarding. He understands how large numbers of people investing nominal sums can bring an important initiative to life. Especially when executed primarily online and through social media, micro-giving is a proven success for San Diego State University. Micro-givers have funded hundreds of campus programs by coming together to achieve common and attainable goals. Armando is always looking for the next inspiring SDSU Crowdfunding project.



Bri Ruloma

Aztec Proud: Advocating for Philanthropy Among Students


Giving comes easily to Bri Ruloma (‘20), and her fellow SDSU students, whose feel for philanthropy has led to thousands of donations each year supporting scholarships and resources for their peers and community. Working collaboratively to fuel potential is at their core and by taking the lead in building a better future for the next generation of students, they are Aztec Proud.