Truc Pham

“A common barometer of a student’s academic experience is the bond we develop with faculty members. Educators are some of our most influential mentors—challenging and encouraging us,”

- Truc Pham, Student,
Fowler College of Business

Ensuring Faculty Excellence

SDSU is committed to providing high-impact educational experiences to meet the needs of our diverse student population. Our instructors are researchers and academic leaders, who stand out in their area of expertise. We’re looking for individuals who share our commitment and want to support our mission.

Opportunities are available to fund endowed chairs (the highest honor a university bestows upon top scholars), professorships, faculty fellowships and teaching awards. Gifts go toward the salaries of distinguished professors, esteemed colleagues, research, professional development and more.

Giving to sustain faculty excellence is a visionary—and impactful—act. Our educators profoundly influence the lives of our students. The lifelong bond forged between students and educators is priceless. You can help us recruit and retain faculty who are in demand around the country and the world.


Student Success

SDSU is committed to a future where all students are able to achieve their greatest potential. Impact-driven philanthropy delivers opportunities for students to unlock that potential through research experiences, internships, leadership training and so much more. 

For decades, donors have helped SDSU shape and grow a culture of academic excellence. Charitable donations will continue to play a vital role in bringing about high-quality education and experiences. That’s why we value and deeply appreciate your time, talent and treasure. 

We invite you to ignite your passion and interest and join us in supporting academic achievement and career preparedness of SDSU students, our future leaders.


Diego Perez

"Donors are catalysts to the student academic experience and with their support, student success is achievable. From exploring opportunities to opening new doors, donors create an environment in which students thrive.”

- Diego Perez, Student
College of Sciences


Seth Mallios

“My professional passion starts with the hunt for innovative insights through groundbreaking research, but it is only fully realized through transformative hands-on learning experiences for our students.”

- Seth Mallios, 
Professor of Anthropology


SDSU is committed to developing infrastructure and resources that enable our research activity to grow while continuing to support excellence in teaching.

Research benefits both students and educators in meaningful ways: Professors gain valuable insight to their field of study and share their expertise with our students. Students utilize our faculty as go-to sources for advanced knowledge and with them to solve the problems facing our region and world.

Your gift ensures support for cutting-edge research and will assist in advancing our students’ academic careers. Access to improved educational tools and an understanding of the world we share, will greatly benefit them.

Give today to support the most promising research projects. Help us continue to produce innovations that will bring the university widespread prestige.



Building for Our Future


Philanthropic opportunities abound for support of new buildings, public spaces, arts and cultural venues and much more. Providing necessary funding for these spaces or support to assure long-term program prestige and excellence can identify a donor’s passion or interest whether academic or non-academic.

Mission Valley Project

In the next few years, SDSU will expand into Mission Valley where its extended campus will help unlock the university’s potential as a world-class institution. Built to serve the San Diego community, the Mission Valley campus will serve as the site of the university’s innovation district, new stadium, and a river park elevating SDSU’s national profile in terms of research opportunities, student recruitment and retention, and community engagement.

Performing Arts District

We invite you, On to a New Stage! SDSU’s Performing Arts District is a multi-million dollar project that will create a transformational arts experience for more than 40,000 students, faculty and staff on campus and develop a resource for the San Diego community. The project includes the renovation of the main theater, building a flexible second stage theater building, a state-of-the-art sound design studio and much more.

President de la Torre

“SDSU is incredibly well positioned to expand our global impact, together with our faculty who are on the cutting-edge of their fields. We can and we must unify the university through a common mission and identity, with priorities supporting research, athletics, clinical practice, and the creative arts."

- Adela de la Torre 
President, San Diego State University